“Harmony in Flavor: FoodLoop’s Feast for Bal Raman Batika Pre-School And Bodhi Briksha Elementary School”

The Annual Parents Day and Graduation Ceremony of Montessori Kids is always an event that brings joy and happiness to everyone present. However, between all the hustle and bustle that’s present behind the scenes, ensuring that the teachers and staff are well fed and satisfied. However, for the Annual Parents Day and Graduation Ceremony of “Bal Raman Batika Pre-School ” and “Bodhi Briksha Elementary School,” the team at FoodLoop rose to the occasion, delivering a seamless and delicious experience for all the teachers and staffs.

“Bal Raman Batika Pre-School ” and “Bodhi Briksha Elementary School ” both are one of the top child friendly Montessori, dedicated to bringing the overall development of children since their early childhood. While “Bal Raman Batika Pre-School ” has been one of our consistent clients, it was the first time we were providing our services to “Bodhi Briksha Elementary School ”.

We catered for “Bal Raman Batika” at 12PM and “Bodhi Briksha” at 4PM based on the timings mentioned while placing the order. However the orders for both schools were placed by the same client. Our client asked us for different menu options that would fit their budget. We closely collaborated with them to curate a proper menu that would suit their event setting and match the preferences of teachers and staff as well.

For the midday refreshment at 12 PM, 51 packages of bulk snacks were prepared, featuring a tantalizing combination of Veg Fried Rice and Chips or Chicken Chilly for the attendees of “Bal Raman.” Later in the afternoon, at 4 PM, 75 packages of bulk snack meals were delivered, showcasing Nimki, Pastries, Potato Wedges, and Veg Sandwiches to satisfy the hunger of the teachers and staff  from “Bodhi Briksha”.

From order placement to enjoyment, every department from our team was on standby to provide seamless delivery as well as experience to our clients. Quality and timeliness has always been our main focus and we made sure the quality of meals were top notch and delivery was timely as well. The foods were enjoyed by teachers and it was pleasing to provide them with an energy boost through our delicious meals.

As the curtains draw close on another successful event, FoodLoop reflects on the role it played in upgrading the general experience for participants. Our commitment to offering first class support and heavenly meals keeps on being the main drive behind our prosperity. For event organizers and companies looking for dependable and flexible catering arrangements, FoodLoop stands prepared to surpass expectations and have an enduring effect. Reach us today to elevate your next occasion with culinary greatness and unrivaled value to your guests, employees and clients.

For inquiries and bookings, please visit foodloop.khaanpin.com or contact us at sales@khaanpin.com

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