Team Building through Food.

It had only been around a week since I had started working as a teacher at Surya Shiksha Sadan School. I was not quite familiar with my co-teachers and their busy schedules never let me approach them. One day I happened to have a leisure class due to an excursion and ended up together with my co-teachers for lunch. I was listening to them talking with each other and out of nowhere I cracked a joke instinctively based on their topic of discussion as if I was knowing them for a long time. Then what, my image as a lonely never speaking colleague turned into a good one. That day I realized that food is a universal language that can turn an unfriendly workplace into a core for teamwork. In this blog, we analyze what food means for group improvement and deal with creative structures for utilizing it to upgrade team building works.

Why Food? Everything without a doubt rotates around sharing:

In addition to supporting our bodies, food strengthens our relationships. Having dinner together improves compatibility, care, and an impression of the local area. Food joins coworkers past work titles and cutoff times, whether they are mocking over spilled espresso or praising achievements with cake. 

When something comes up connected with nurturing group relations through food, we at FOODLOOP frequently discuss DARAZ’s Maha Bachat-Bazar Occasion where we delivered around 40 pounds of cake to 8 places at the same time. The event was a successful achievement and holds an outstanding spot in each DARAZ employee without a doubt. A message of appreciation from DARAZ to its employees was printed on the cake, which also featured a print of the Maha Bachat-Bazar symbol. Getting appreciation and respect after trying sincerely and doing your absolute best for any events is always satisfying.

One might be concerned how they can utilize the magic of food to encourage a sound group. Worry not, here are a few ways on how you can use this charm for group building: 

Themed Potluck:

  • Rotate Themes: Rather than having a solitary themed potluck, consider turning topics for each social occasion. This keeps the occasion new and allows everybody to share various parts of their way of life or interests after some time.
  • Recipe exchange: Encourage employees to share their dish-bringing recipes. This not just adds an individual touch to the occasion yet additionally allows others to reproduce the dishes and proceed with the social trade past the potluck.
  • Interactive cooking demonstrations: For bigger groups or outstanding events, consider organizing intelligent cooking showings where workers can figure out how to plan dishes from various societies together.

Foodie Encounters:

  • Classes in cooking: Rather than simply eating out, consider organizing cooking classes where colleagues can figure out how to plan dishes from various foods under the direction of an expert culinary professional.
  • Team Challenges: Make supportive rivalries, for example, “Iron Cook” style difficulties or scavenges chase in food markets where groups should unite to track down clear-cut sources or complete culinary actions.
  • Cultural Presentations: Before and after visiting an eatery or market, assign time for colleagues to share attractive realities or stories about the food or culture they’re encountering. This adds an enlightening component to the trip and extends everybody’s appreciation for variety.

Icebreakers related to food:

  • Game of Guessing the Ingredients: Place different fixings in blurred packs and have colleagues alternate think about what’s inside in view of surface, smell, or taste. This relaxes things up as well as enables tangible exploration and cooperation.
  • Recipe Transfer: Divide the gathering into groups and have each group make a recipe by adding one ingredient at a time with every participant contributing. The succeeding recipes can be clever and impress the aggregate creativity of the group. When we first provided
  • Food Character Test: Create a fun quiz in which team members respond to questions about their preferences for food, cooking habits, and culinary experiences. Share the outcomes and talk about shared traits and contrasts, starting discussion and chuckling.

By integrating these extra components, you can enhance the general insight of involving food as an instrument for team building and make significantly more grounded bonds among employees.

Make sure to keep it fun and open to all while food communicates everything.


Food does more than just provide energy; it is a fundamental part of more sound groups. Add it into your working environment culture to observe the advantages of shared meals: improved collaboration, stronger relationships, and a workforce that is happy and prepared to face challenges together. A delicious food not only provides a pleasant sensation to your employees’ palates but also helps strengthen the coordination and employee relations. While we have been providing corporations with delicious meals and cakes for their events and celebrations, making sure that we provide our clients’ employees with a proper environment to enjoy a range of delicious meals together has always been our top priority. That is the reason why we claim “we not only provide you meals, we provide meals that make you look good.”

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